Sunday, March 4, 2012

25 things you should know about me:

1) My name is Paige Nicole (as you've probably figured out!)
2) I live for laughter- and my laugh is contagious
3) I'm a self proclaimed perfectionist
4) Those who know me, know I'm the BIGGEST nerd
5) If you meet me chances are I'll be wearing my cheetah robe
6) Dancing is my life
7) Arts and crafts make me happy
8) I live for honeycrisp apples- it's an addiction
9) I also live for matching workout outfits
10) PINK.
11) Thing 1 and Thing 2 make life go round
12) Shopaholic and not afraid to admit it :)
13) I'm one of the healthiest people you'll meet
14) My mom is my best friend
15) I will be a good cook if it's the last thing I do
16) I'm extremely organized, but some might call me a neat freak
17) I admire those who know what they stand for
18) Running is my therapy
19) I have a phobia of frogs- they make me vomit
20) I hate condiments-ketchup, mayo, relish, mustard, BBQ.
21) My life is a constant struggle of being in the present and wanting to know the future
22) I love to sing and will do it for anyone who cares to listen
23) I believe that happiness is a choice...
24) I choose to be happy :)
25) I love life and those who make it worthwhile.
...there they are, enjoy!

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